Black Parents Are Facing An Impossible Choice: Work Or Family

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Alyssa Guznik
March 6, 2023

Black parents are facing an impossible choice these days. Now, we must choose between work and family.

The average cost of childcare has increased dramatically in the past three years. The national average to send a child to daycare full-time is around $1,200 a month. It’s even higher in metro areas.

Black parents tend to work frontline jobs. So not only are we generally making less, but our hours are also inconsistent. But we can't work without childcare. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

Everything from labor shortages to low wages has been blamed on the issue of daycare prices, yet any moves to fix the problem have been stalled or blocked.

The system is broken, and Black parents suffer when paying for monthly child care. It's beyond time for a change. Something's got to give, and for once, it shouldn't be us.