This Staple American Snackfood Came From The Mind Of A Black Man

george and his partner
Tremain Prioleau II
February 27, 2023

The creation of the potato chip originated as an accident. George Crum and his sister were working as  chefs at Moon’s Lake House on Saratoga Lake in the summer of 1853. A slice of potato fell into a frying pan by accident.

Crum tried the sliced potato and was floored by what he tasted. Soon wealthy visitors were traveling from all over to taste this creation, so of course Moon’s would try to profit off of the siblings' genius. Crum, however, left to sell his culinary invention on his own.

In 1860, Crum started his own restaurant called, Crum’s Place. He left a basket of chips at each table. His restaurant thrived as it grew in popularity.

In the 1920’s Herman Lay  “discovered” Crum’s invention and mass produced them under the Lays brand. Lays would eventually overshadow Crum.

Crum unexpectedly created a chip from what started as a mistake, but in the grand scheme of things, it brought joy to folks across the world. The next time you’re disappointed about a mistake, just remember that our genius knows no bounds.

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