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Black consumers are a HOT commodity. Corporations are desperate for our attention and marketers use our incredibly influential culture to make trends hot - yet barriers such as the racial wealth gap and discrimination from banking and credit institutions have historically blocked us from harnessing our economic might to get free.

We believe in uplifting a different narrative: that Black people can excel financially with the right tools.

As a news organization, PushBlack Finance publishes content that highlights market trends, industry developments, personal finance techniques, and political news relevant to Black consumers, investors, and business leaders.

Through daily communications on text and Facebook Messenger, we help subscribers aspire, learn, and apply knowledge for economic liberation. We encourage readers to incorporate lessons from business news stories and on-time personal finance tips to use in their daily lives.

Above all, PushBlack Finance’s mission is to help Black people build wealth that drives CHANGE on a collective level.

Reporting & Editorial Team

Jay Andrew, Editor-in-Chief

Brooke Brown, Senior Digital Content Manager

Abeni Jones, Managing Editor

Shonda Buchanan, Digital Content Manager

Leslie Taylor-Grover, Digital Content Producer - Writer

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