Audible Pledges Over $1 Million to Drive Black Businesses to Newark

black woman writing on a notepad
Leslie Taylor-Grover
September 11, 2023

Audiobook giant Audible has pledged over $1 million to attract Black businesses to Newark, New Jersey.

Audible is the largest employer in Newark and boasts one of the fastest-growing workforces in the city. The company is offering assistance to pay new leases, employee housing stipends, and relocation assistance.

The company is seeking to invigorate the local economy with new jobs and spending, diversify the city’s business base, fill up buildings not currently being used, and bring innovation to the city’s economy.

The program is specifically targeting businesses in the start-up stage with at least ten employees and run by women or entrepreneurs of color. Six businesses have already applied and are moving to Newark soon.

For more information about the program or to apply, click here.