This 24-Hour Rule Could Save People Tons Of Money

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Shiavon Chatman
November 1, 2021

Going to your favorite store during a big sale is exciting – but sales are intended to manipulate you into spending a lot of money. How to avoid the temptation? Try this trick!

Whether we’re influenced by social media, trends, or big sales, unnecessary spending is causing us to waste tons of money. Here’s a trick to try – The 24-hour rule! What is it?

If you want to buy something but aren’t 100% sure you can afford it, wait 24 hours and wait to see how you feel. Waiting a day can help ease the desire to impulse buy. If you still want it the next day, then go for it!

The 24-hour rule helps shoppers decide if they truly want the item. 

When you wait a day, you might realize it just looked cool in the store, or was it a part of a trend you no longer find appealing once you’ve slept on it.

The 24-hour rule is a great way to apply self-control to your spending habits. It can be hard to resist temptation, especially when you’re told a sale price is a great deal – but a little time to think can help us gain serious perspective!

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