Black And White: Businesses Aren't Held To The Same Standards

"Black Owned Business" spray painted on boarded up building
Shiavon Chatman
June 9, 2021

From the level of service to the quality of products, Black-owned businesses are unfairly judged! We’re taught white standards of professionalism – but we have to combat these racist standards. Here are some ideas we HAVE to stop believing about Black businesses.

#1: “They charge too much.”

Big businesses like Walmart buy items in bulk and sell them for cheaper prices because they have a major supplier. Black business owners don’t often have this luxury – they buy fewer items and have to charge slightly more to profit.

#2: “The service is bad."

Comcast’s customer service was voted worst in the country, but we don’t say it’s because it’s white-owned. But if a Black business has bad service, Blackness is blamed! What is “good service” anyway – are we stuck on white standards of what good service means?

#3: “The quality is bad!”

This one’s just a straight-up lie. Many Black businesses make handmade and/or artisan products with BETTER ingredients. Most others sell the same brands as major retailers, or generic brands that are just as good quality.

Even if we DO pay a little more, the benefit of spending our dollars in Black businesses goes way beyond cost. Circulating money within our community helps us become self-sufficient so we can refuse white assistance or control. We must see the value of the Black dollar!

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