Black School Districts Around The Country Are Losing Money Year-After-Year

Students in a classroom
Alyssa Guzik
September 21, 2022

Every year, cities and municipalities around the country submit budgets for their respective departments. This year, New York City’s education department got a rude awakening.

New York’s City Council  introduced a budget that slashed education spending by $317 million! The cuts were so drastic that a group of teachers and parents filed a lawsuit against the City Council to have the budget redone. 

They won!

But their victory was short-lived as the budget, despite being redone, still cut education spending by just over $200 million. This from a “diverse and inclusive” city with a council of Black and Brown people. 

The butchering of educational spending isn’t just hitting New York City.

Over the past decade, most states cut education spending. Pandemic funds helped cover shortfalls, but schools are back to square one with those funds ending. While the U.S. chooses to invest billions in warfare, the rest of the developed world is investing in its people’s education.

Cities like New York have no problem spending almost $6 billion on their police forces annually but continuously slash the budget of schools that are supposed to educate and create strong building blocks for our future. They genuinely want to create a police state of docile and uneducated masses, and they’re playing in our faces.

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