This Institutional Failing Keeps Black People From Having Good Credit

Man holding cell phone in one hand and credit card in the other
Via Pexels
Tremain Prioleau II
November 7, 2022

Our consumer economic system runs off of credit. Credit rules everything around us. So it is no coincidence that access to credit for Black people is difficult for most.

Banking and wealth building go hand in hand. It hasn’t been that long since Black people could finally earn money for their labor. However,  because of segregation, we had no other options but to pool money together and this was the recipe for the first Black owned banks. 

But lack of credit hasn't stopped us completely.

Over the years we developed numerous ways to build wealth from gambling, saving money at home, and community and church organizations pooling money for us. 

Banking would just give more of us better access to official services that require credit.

Increasing access to credit can open the financial doors we need in order to purchase and own homes and businesses,  but let’s be clear: our real power is in working together and creating new ways to work without it. Let’s get creative and intentional.

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