Rock Music, Soul Food, And Other Cultural Staples Black People Created

painting of black people dancing
Briona Lamback
January 25, 2023

Rock N Roll 

For years, many genres of music that we created, including rock, jazz, country, and hip-hop, have been co-opted by whites. Why do they feel so comfortable taking from our culture?


African American Vernacular English is a dialect created by enslaved Africans and their descendants. It isn't "bad" English, and it's not slang or pop culture talk that many try to diminish it as. 

There are words, rules, and nuances they could never understand.

Southern Food 

Not all southern food is considered soul food, but all soul food is southern. The common denominator is the culinary traditions our families have been passing down for generations. 

There's no denying that our people were in the kitchens pioneering favorites like mac & cheese as we know it, perfected by chef James Hemmings.

Beauty & Fashion 

White celebs take credit for beauty looks and fashion trends we've been doing for decades. From durags to gold nameplate necklaces, white culture deems our culture as "ghetto" until they can profit from it.

Our culture has always been the U.S.'s biggest export. We built this country. We've been the blueprint, and we must never forget it.

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