She's So Serious About Financial Education, There's A Law Named After Her

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Alyssa Guzik
September 21, 2022

As a community, we often struggle with navigating the financial system. But this is no fault of our own. The  system was designed by racists specifically for white men. 

Thankfully, people like Tiffany Aliche have a plan for us!

Known as “The Budgetnista,” Aliche is a financial educator who helps people save money, pay off debt, and approach their finances in an accessible way. She understands that the intentional lack of financial education in our community has left us at a disadvantage.

She’s made moves to change that.

In 2019, Aliche aligned herself with New Jersey lawmaker Angela McKnight to fight for, and eventually pass, The Budgetnista Law. It ensures that the youth of New Jersey would have financial education classes incorporated into their academic year, ensuring that our kids wind up in a better financial situation than us.

Aliche partnered with Netflix to release “Get Smart With Money,” a documentary filled with valuable financial lessons. This follows her stint as the first solo Black woman on the cover of Money Magazine!

We are not at fault for the financial crisis that faces the Black community. We’re playing the hand we’ve been dealt from years of racist and systemic barriers. But Tiffany Aliche and her educational tools could be our ace in the hole.