They've Made Millions Doing Something Illegal. Now We Can Cash In

US Capitol Building
Alyssa Guzik
October 10, 2022

There’s a steep learning curve for Black Americans in how to invest - which is probably intentional. So who better to turn to than the insider trading pros in Congress to make a quick buck?

Rumors constantly circulate that Congress members Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz use their inside knowledge of policy shifts to trade on the stock market. Pelosi’s net worth is around $135 million, while Cruz clocks in at $44 million.

Their trades are so infamous there’s a new tool we can use to copy them.

ETFs -- Exchange Traded Funds -- are investment options that track a specific index. In basic terms, NANC and CRUZ would take any amount a person chooses to invest and make the same trades as our Congress members and their spouses. 

The earning potential could be huge!

Insider trading is illegal and yet, these politicians and their spouses are able to get rich from it. So why can’t we? When we sound the horn and complain about injustices like these, we catch flack. When they do it, it’s fantastic.  

If we’re currently stuck in this broken system, let’s use its flaws to our advantage.

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