Afrofuturism Is An Optimistic And Prosperous Way Forward For The Black Community

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Alyssa Guznik
February 28, 2023

We view Wakanda as fiction. But imaginings of what a Black liberated society could look like are dramatically fueling change.

From Gen Z students demanding that racial and ethnic departments receive better funding to Black people beginning to shun the U.S. dollar for bartering and trade, we are using our collective imaginations to reenvision what society could be like.

Afrofuturism interweaves creativity and Black culture, and uses that to imagine a world that blooms with liberation. But are we fooling ourselves?

No. We have already benefited from our drive for more liberated spaces. We know from our past and present that these changes could provide substantial long-term growth financially, spiritually, mentally, and communally.

So much of what we consume about our history portrays a negative light on our situation instead of what it could be. By envisioning unlimited possibilities and shining an idealistic and optimistic view of our futures, we can ignite the passion and drive in our community to make changes.