Five Harmful Behaviors Upheld By Mainstream Culture

black man holding papers in hand while walking outside
Briona Lamback
January 25, 2023


The anti-Blackness embedded in society teaches us that individualism is the way, but our people have always valued community. Individualism creates little room for accountability in shared spaces and leads to isolation.


We see the belief that emotions are inherently destructive and irrational, especially when it comes to our liberation fight. Anti-Blackness seeks to invalidate anyone who shows emotion during high-stake times and encourages linear thinking.

Either/Or Thinking 

Either/Or limits everything to good or bad, right or wrong, and allows little time to consider alternatives, often simplifying life’s complexities. An example is a belief that poverty is simply a result of a lack of education. But we know that things are much more nuanced than that.

Power Hoarding

Power Hoarding finds little value in sharing power. This is based on the mistaken belief that there is  only so much to go around. It often happens in the workplace, where those in power feel threatened when anyone suggests changes.

Progress Is More 

The system teaches that progression can only be achieved through having bigger, better, and more. In the workplace, this looks like expanding by adding more staff without concern for the current staff’s needs. In our personal lives, it means measuring success according to material things we own rather than intangible things like our mental wellness. 

Remember: we don’t have to play by those rules. We can make our own.

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