New Tips For Practicing Online Money Safety

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Shiavon Chatman
June 13, 2021

Online scams are on the rise, so it’s more important than ever we keep our money safe online. But don’t be scared – here are some tips to do so while still taking advantage of the ease of online banking and shopping.

Do you check your banking app often? Sometimes if a scammer gets access to your account, they will charge a few cents because it's an amount most people will ignore. Then, since they know you aren’t paying attention, they’ll charge larger amounts later on! Always keep an eye on your transactions to make sure they’re your own.

Password managers are your friend. A password manager protects your passwords while also storing them so you don’t have to type it in each time. Try free password managers like Dashlane or LastPass.

Keep your info private! Never use your bank account or make online purchases on public WiFi systems like those at hotels, airports or coffee shops. Anyone can access them – this makes you very vulnerable. To take it to the next level, look into getting a Virtual Private Network – called a VPN – at home.

It's easier than ever to access your money online – which means it’s easier for scammers too! But utilizing these tools and resources should help keep your money safe during the age of technology.

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