Political Candidates Pushing Economic Policies That Put 30% Of Black People In Poverty

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Alyssa Guzik
October 21, 2022

Economic policies shift how the economy functions. President Herbert Hoover thought that by incentivizing businesses, the economy would recover. CLEARLY, that didn't work.

But it didn't stop right-leaning politicians from pushing that same agenda later.

Trickle-down economics states that tax breaks and incentives given to big businesses and the wealthy will trickle down to the lower classes. 

But research has shown this to be false.

A study by the World Inequality Report found that fifty years of tax cuts for the wealthy only made inequality worse. Under Reaganomics, for example, over 30% of Black Americans had fallen below the poverty level. 

Similar policies by right-leaning politicians have also proven detrimental to the Black community.

In 2017, the Republican-controlled Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Job Act . It cut taxes for businesses and the wealthy while increasing taxes on those making the least - typically, Black America.

Thus far, the national deficit increased and rich, white corporations raked in the dough, while our checks have gotten smaller due to higher taxes.

These lawmakers want to give themselves and their corporate overlords a break knowing that we would walk away with nothing while they line their pocketbooks. Most politicians only have THEIR best interests at heart. If we want change, we must step up for the candidates who can make that happen.

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